Wyoming Trucks, True Love and the Weather Channel

Wyoming Trucks, True Love and the Weather Channel by Jeffe Kennedy

Publisher: University of New Mexico Press

Date Published: Mar 2004

ISBN: 978-0826333698


Fifteen distinct essays on such diverse subjects as her father’s death, her grandmother’s dementia, her environmental work, and her experiences learning to drive a truck and shoot a rifle. Together the essays provide a portrait of a young, intelligent, articulate woman whose ultimate decision to live in a remote and sparsely populated place has given her strengths and perspective she had not counted on..


“Her insights tell us a lot about the way lives enhanced by real convictions are formed”. ~Vicki Lindner, author of “Outlaw Games”


“She is a very talented nonfiction writer… She writes vividly and with great clarity.” ~Lee Gutkind, author of the new book “Forever Fat”


“Wyoming Trucks, True Love, and the Weather Channel is Kennedy’s first book. Her ability to reflect insightfully and memorably upon a variety of potent, complex subjects marks her as a writer to watch.”–The Georgia Review


“Wyoming Trucks, True Love, and the Weather Channel is a satisfying, if different read. Kennedy takes us through the most difficult times in her life and, with brilliant panache, teaches us how to rediscover our inner selves.”–Oklahoma Gazette


Wyoming Trucks is a lively and thoughtful autobiography, in which Kennedy balances stories epitomizing love of life, knowledge of death, awareness of loss, a keen sense of the importance of family and relationships, and the powerful need for the protection of nature. Kennedy knows how to pace, teaches respect for life and nature, and offers an oblique sense of the metaphysical.”–Great Plains Quarterly


“Jeffe Kennedy reflects on life and growing up in the Rockies with quiet charm and frankness.”–The Casper Star-Tribune


“Kennedy writes with an easy intelligence, capturing the essential moods, attitudes and detail that give a clear image of who she is and how she arrived there.”–Ketchikan News, Alaska


“The essays are humorous or introspective or both, but most of all they are compelling reading. From essays on adolescent friends to life in Wyoming, the reader will keep turning pages to the next adventure.”–Roundup Magazine


“[Kennedy’s] essays give us the life of a contemporary western woman–hardworking, commited to her family even as she steps outside the traditional family framework–in a way that is pleasurable to read.”–Montana Magazine

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