Exact, Warm, Unholy

Exact, Warm, Unholy by Jeffe Kennedy

Publisher: Brightlynx Publishing

Date Published: Nov 2016



Tonight my name is Mary…

Or is it? Sometimes she’s Tiffany or Syd or Bobbi. But whatever face she wears, she returns to the same bar, to find a new man and seduce him, safe in the knowledge that no one will recognize her. Until one man does.


“And I was ... Stunned by the originality of the concept of this story. Stunned by the emotions it made me experience in such a short expanse of time. Stunned by the beauty of the romance in it that ran parallel to the overwhelming sadness throughout. I mean, seriously. If you don’t fall in love with Peter, you have a heart of stone.”

~ Kristen Ashley on Goodreads

“This book is amazing. Especially the way it was all tied up in the end. Perfect.”

~lateniteTLC on Amazon

“A complex, troubled heroine whose sexuality is an integral part of her journey and a hero who wants her but also wants more: it’s everything you could ask for in erotic romance.”

~All About Romance

“…it’s sweet and sexy and made me smile so much – even though the heroine went through so much pain. I really, really enjoyed this story.”

~Mandi Schreiner on Goodreads

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