Twisted Magic

Twisted Magic by Jeffe Kennedy

Publisher: Brightlynx Publishing

Date Published: Nov 2023


Their love makes them stronger together… Unless the world rips them apart


Jadren El-Adrel knows he’s a mess. He’s a cobbled-together monster pretending to be a wizard, still unable to master the magic that makes him pretty much immortal and is useless for anything else. Though he’s tried to learn to work with his familiar, Seliah, he’s still terrified to discover what might happen if he gives himself full access to the depths of her powerful magic. Some questions should never be answered.

Seliah Phel got her happy ever after. Jadren loves her; they’re together in a safe and beautiful place; and they’re finally learning to work together as wizard and familiar. But even she must recognize that Jadren continues to stew in his black moods, brooding that only worsens when he receives a missive from home, his horrible family demanding the unthinkable: that they both return to House El-Adrel.

As the denizens of House Phel fight an increasingly pitched battle against the enemies determined to destroy them forever, Jadren and Selly fight their own war—against the past and to overcome their own failings. To become truly stronger together.


"Man, Jeffe Kennedy is firing on all cylinders with Twisted Magic. (...) There’s action, there’s adventure, there’s risk, and there’s Selly and Jadren finally accepting and addressing what they really mean to one another. Add this all up, and Twisted Magic is simply delicious." ~ Mary Lynne N on BookBub

"I have absolutely loved Jadren and Seliah’s trilogy and the only thing I have to complain about is that it’s over.

This book was honestly a perfect conclusion, though. Both characters came so far in their own rights and grew together to make a powerful force. I am so happy and proud of these two crazy kids!" ~ Renee on Goodreads

"I have been really looking forward to this one and it does not disappoint. The action is excellent, the spiciness is very spicy. I'm so happy with this book, I'm super excited for the next trilogy but I'm not left with an unsatisfied feeling either. Jeffe Kennedy does excellent work again." ~ Gillian Woodruff on Goodreads


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