Rogue Familiar

Rogue Familiar by Jeffe Kennedy

Publisher: Brightlynx Publishing

Date Published: Apr 2023

ISBN: 978-1-958679-06-7



"This story is very human and touching about two broken people finding their way out of trauma together. I also appreciate the overarching themes of the whole series of -different doesn’t equal bad and standing up for injustices (no matter how culturally rooted) is always critical." ~ Sparklezilla on Amazon

"Snarky and satirical heroes have always been my weakness. Now add in the wounded/tortured aspect… This book made me fall for Jadren all over again! I am glad that he never lost his sardonic edge in this story. Sometimes authors downplay such characters’ personalities in further books. It disappoints me when they do that. Thankfully, Jeffe Kennedy did not do this to Jadren. He is the same cynically warped and sarcastic wizard I came to love and adore! Jadren also shows some remarkable personal growth in this adventure. He is finally ready to learn more about himself and his capabilities." ~Raonaid Luckwell on Amazon

"The romance radiated off the pages. Those scenes in the shack were just *glorious.* Overall I had a great time and can’t wait for more books in this fantastic series!!" ~ Renee on Goodreads

"5+ stars from me for my favorite installment in this distinctive and extraordinary fantasy romance series." ~ Monadh on Goodreads

"As far as this book is concerned, I'll just Capt' Obvious it and say, Jeffe Kennedy is good at Fantasy Romance." ~ James McRay on Goodreads

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