The Forests of Dru

The Forests of Dru by Jeffe Kennedy

Publisher: Brightlynx Publishing

Date Published: Jan 2017



An Enemy Land

Once Princess Oria spun wicked daydreams from the legends of sorceresses kidnapped by the barbarian Destrye. Now, though she’s come willingly, she finds herself in a mirror of the old tales: the king’s foreign trophy of war, starved of magic, surrounded by snowy forest and hostile strangers. But this place has secrets, too—and Oria must learn them quickly if she is to survive.

A Treacherous Court

Instead of the refuge he sought, King Lonen finds his homeland desperate and angry, simmering with distrust of his wife. With open challenge to his rule, he knows he and Oria—the warrior wounded and weak, the sorceress wrung dry of power—must somehow make a display of might. And despite the desire that threatens to undo them both, he still cannot so much as brush her skin.

A Fight for the Future

With war looming and nowhere left to run, Lonen and Oria must use every intrigue and instinct they can devise: to plumb Dru’s mysteries, to protect their people—and to hold fast to each other. Because they know better than any what terrifying trial awaits…


“Brava to Kennedy for another fine addition to this wonderful fantasy series, THE FORESTS OF DRU is all that I would hope for Lonen and Oria’s initial time in Lonen’s kingdom.”

~Fresh Fiction

The Sorcerous Moons is a captivating series.  We eagerly await the next installment.”

~That’s What I’m Talking About

“I recommend The Forests of Dru to fans of fantasy romance and royalty romance. It’s a really good enemies to lovers series, and even of they’re a couple now, the nature of the theme is ever-present.”

~Butterfly-O-Meter Books

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