With a Prince

With a Prince by Jeffe Kennedy

Publisher: BrightLynx Publishing

Date Published: May 2017



The guy on the train is just Marcia’s type. A face like an angel, a scent like raw honey, treats her like he has a white horse and suit of armor stowed in his messenger bag. Perfect.

Too perfect. No guy like that would be interested in prim, awkward Marcia, notorious goody-goody and a twentysomething still clutching her v-card. She’s been following rules her whole life—but somewhere, the game changed. And left her behind.

So when she meets Damien, with his rumbling motorbike, gleaming piercings, and wicked imagination, she doesn’t care that he’s the exact opposite of “her type.” Her type would never dare her into such shocking, fiendishly inventive adventures—and she can’t wait to say yes.

Yes to whiskey in the middle of a workday. Yes to letting her hands roam over his body from the back of his bike. Yes to a fling full of wild abandon and absolutely no long-term potential. Except Damien’s not just the straightforward bad boy she imagined. And as they burn through Chicago’s nights, Marcia can’t shake the fear that this happiness is just another fairy tale…


“This is a novella that is done right and the series sings to me!”

~Sunny on Goodreads

“Their story had this naughty cuteness to it, and I’m really enjoying the series. I love how it links the Missed Connections section of Craigslist to each story in some way. It adds a little fun.”

~What’s Beyond Forks?

“I like a novella that manages to make it believable that people can fall for each other in a short amount of time. It never felt too short.”

~BookGirl of Mur-y-Castell

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