Under Contract

Under Contract by Jeffe Kennedy

Publisher: Brightlynx Publishing

Date Published: Apr 2023



Celestina Sala is so far underwater, she can’t remember what it’s like to breathe. Grief-stricken by her identical twin’s death, parenting her orphaned nieces, abandoned by the husband who never wanted to raise children, in debt past her eyeballs, and now just one more laid-off landscape-designer in drought-stricken Los Angeles—it’s all Celestina can do to get through the day. Running into her former wealthy—and devastatingly attractive—client, Ryan Black, when she looks and feels her worst is just the cherry on the crap sundae her life has become.

When Ryan offers Celestina a way to pay off her debt, by submitting to whatever he asks of her, she’s appalled. And tempted.

His colleagues and competitors describe Ryan as ruthless in business. It’s true. And that no-holds-barred attitude is how he built himself from less than nothing to the immense wealth he enjoys today. So, when he has the opportunity to finally get his hands on Celestina’s voluptuous body, Ryan employs every enticement at his disposal. He’s wanted her for years—and respected the fact that she wasn’t available—and now that she’s practically dropped into his lap, he’s taking advantage of the opportunity. He'll play fair, however, offering her a contract where she can choose, down to the tiniest details, what she’s willing to let him do to her, for what price.

He plans to pay very well to be able to indulge his darkest desires with her.


Recommended for fans of the 50 Shades trilogy.“… “Kennedy handles her subject matter with authority (if you can forgive the pun) and makes the premise and choices of her characters entirely believable, all while grabbing her readers by their hearts.

– LJ on Library Journal

“Kennedy makes the premise and choices of her characters entirely believable, all while grabbing her readers by their hearts.”

~Xpress Reviews

“SUPER SEXY, incredibly written, and graceful in its fealty to genre. Smart about BDSM. Loved the curvy heroine and the sexy-ugly hero. There was a wonderful energy to the writing. In short, I LOVED it.”

~Batya Ungar-Sargon, journalist

“Kennedy has a way of just pulling me into her twisted little world and taking me on a ride I don’t always expect.”


“I’m thrilled to have discovered Jeffe Kennedy’s work.  This book is an adventurous, entertaining, and heart-felt read.”

~Love Affair With An e-Reader

“Under Contract is a great read with a fun, kinky twist to the usual pretty woman type of story. It is a sensual, passionate story with lots of hot and dirty sex.”

~JJ’s Kinky Books

“I personally am giving this a 4 star rating and am anxious to track down more of Jeffe Kennedy’s writing..I love her hot sexy scenes and wonderful characters.”

~t’irla’s talk

“Under Contract is a wonderful BDSM romance that stole my heart.”

~Pearls Cast Before a McPig

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