The Dragon's Daughter and the Winter Mage

The Dragon's Daughter and the Winter Mage by Jeffe Kennedy

Publisher: Brightlynx Publishing

Date Published: Sep 2021


Invisible Loner

Gendra—partblood daughter of an elite mossback soldier and the only shapeshifter to achieve the coveted dragon form—is anything but interesting. She’s actually plain and awkward and … invisible. Every guy she meets either looks right through her or—worse—thinks of her as just a friend. Fortunately Gen is far too practical to wallow in self pity. Much.

A Search for True Love

But as Gen accompanies her oldest friends on a quest for Her Majesty High Queen Ursula, she can’t help feeling bitter about her lonely fate as, two by two, they pair off with each other. As usual, everyone but odd-woman-out Gen seems to be finding the happiness in true love that has always eluded her. And Gen’s pathetic attempts to come out of her shell have only met with social disaster.

Dragon’s Daughter

Still, with magic rifts plaguing the Thirteen Kingdoms and a strange intelligence stalking them from an alter-realm, Gen has plenty to deal with—especially when she’s cut off from the group, isolated and facing a lethal danger. It just figures that Gen is on her own, once again. But with no one coming to save her, she has only herself to rely upon.

And, perhaps, the help of a mysterious, stranded magician… 


"Absolutely my kind of Fantasy!" ~AlwaysV on Goodreads

"What I like about this series is that there is an overarching plot that moves along as we go through each book. This is less romance based and more character development and adventure/quest based. I love this about Ms. Kennedy's books. The focal point is the story, not getting it on or finding the one. It's a happy result of the journey. (...) This fantasy is recommended to romantics who love that the princess rides in to save the day." ~La Crimson Femme

"That was so perfect! I loved every minute of it. I have been rooting for Gen from the beginning and felt a deep connection to her with this book. She is a heartwarming mix of bold Tala shapeshifter and shy woman who fails to see her true worth and beauty." ~ Laura Darnell on Amazon

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