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SFWA Fantasy Storybundle!

Posted Oct 11 2017 in , , , ,

This is a fun thing: the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA) have put together a fantasy-themed storybundle, curated by our fabulous president, Cat Rambo! This is a cool deal because you can get four fantasy novels – including my LONEN’S WAR – for only $5. You can pay at least $15 to […]


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Has fantasy become a catch-all category?

Posted Jul 21 2016 in , , , ,

I’m over at Jill Archer’s blog today, where we’re having a great conversation on whether Fantasy has become an awards category for anything vaguely “woo woo.” Check out the discussion here!



SFF Tropes that Still Make Me Crazy

Posted Aug 2 2015 in , , ,

Having a bit of a rant about fantasy tropes and boy books over at Word Whores today. It’s maybe a little much…Don’t feel like you have to read it!


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