Five Reasons to Keep Writing

I’m over at Word Whores, giving my top five reasons to keep writing.

Dreaming Up Novels

I’m over at Word Whores talking about daydreaming and guiding it to write novels.

The Value of Being Flexible

Here’s my agent, Connor Goldsmith of Fuse Literary, and I at World Fantasy Con. In the bar, of course. He tweeted this as “the beautiful people” and, as this was the very beginning of the conference, that was pretty accurate. LOL  I recently ran across a post on an Indie Author loop where a writer I didn’t know, in a…

Finding the Formula Machine

I had a Twitter conversation yesterday that went like this. Because these gals crack me up, I’m sharing a bunch of it. It, of course, started because I was being a smart ass. Though you can see that Maisey Yates was snarky first. @maiseyyates oh no? sad for you. ~hides formula~ @MeganMulry — Jeffe Kennedy (@jeffekennedy) October 16, 2014 @maiseyyates…

Fact-Checking Those Resolutions

I’m over in the Darkest Cravings Author Cage today answering their Only the Brave questions. Also, Allison Pang blogged today about finding an easter egg I left for her in Rogue’s Possession. Pretty funny! (Okay – WE think it’s hysterical anyway.) Last year, I did a post on Word Whores on a new way for me to set goals in…