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Firing that Inner Critic

Posted Apr 26 2017 in , , ,

Something I get asked quite a bit in the various workshops I teach, is essentially how to deal with the inner critic. The questions come to me like this: How do you deal with worrying about family reading your sex scenes? My (sister/mother/father/aunt) says I can’t write about this because I’ll hurt people – what […]



First: Own Your Process

Posted Aug 15 2016 in , ,

I’ve been seeing some scuttlebutt scuttling ’bout the interwebz (which of course – besides porn – is what it’s for) about how access to advice from successful authors leads to a toxic environment. By this the posters mean that finding out when X gets up or how many words Y writes each day can lead […]


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I Learned How to Write Novels by … Training in Kung Fu

Posted Jul 17 2016 in , , , ,

I’m headed home from #RWA16, the Romance Writers of America annual conference, which was in lovely San Diego this year. This was a truly wonderful gathering this year.Grateful for this community that always leaves me refreshed and supported. Also, the first book in my new Sorcerous Moons series comes out on Tuesday. I’m loving on […]



How to Write Through the Bad Times

Posted May 29 2016 in , , , , , , ,

Hi all!! I’m back online after about ten days away and look what I returned to! The fantabulous Grace Draven shared the cover for her story in our duology FOR CROWN AND KINGDOM. Her story is THE UNDYING KING and, wow – I dunno about you guys, but I’d take him for my forever king anytime! I like […]



When You’re Reading to an Empty Room

Posted May 15 2016 in , , , ,

Announcing the freshly painted (though somewhat still bare of decoration) SFF Seven group blog! (Formerly Word Whores.) Come on over this week for tips and tricks on readings and signings, plus the answer to that burning question: what if nobody shows up? 


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