Dr. Frankenstein’s Novel – Why I Have No Buried Books

I’m over at Word Whores, confessing an embarrassing incident from my early writing days and talking about why I have no under-the-bed novels.

What Do You Mean Paranormal Romance Is Dead???

I haven’t done many sunset pictures lately. Wouldn’t want you all to pine away for lack of them! And you can focus on the pretty clouds and take deep, calming breaths while I explain why everyone is saying Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy are dead genres. I’ve participated in this very conversation several times over the last few weeks –…

Knowing When to Stop

A little while back I mentioned that monsoon season was starting in New Mexico, bringing all that metaphorical and literal goodness to my life. Such a rain of blessings, indeed! Carina Press put Rogue’s Pawn on sale for 99 cents (through July 19, if you haven’t snapped up that deal yet) and it was featured on Book Bub. Amazing results…

When Writing Advice Goes Wrong – Shaken Baby Syndrome

I’m over at the Contemporary Romance Cafe today, talking about how writing advice at the wrong time can give your stories Shaken Baby Syndrome.

Does the Publishing Thing Get Easier?

For those who don’t know, that’s the Lyman Whitaker sculpture I bought with my first advance money last summer. Looks so awesome, particularly at sunrise. And every time I see it, I feel a dual thrill of pleasure – in the beauty of the piece and in my own accomplishment. At the time, I wrestled with whether to spend some…