Three Ways to Add an Important Character: the Environment

I’m over at Word Whores talking about ways to make the environment be another character and asking for recs on books that do this really well!

Time in a Novel: What Should Your Scale Be?

Tis the season to be gearing up for the RT Convention! This is just one of the fun reader parties I’m participating in. I’m over at Word Whores talking about 3 Hours, 3 Days, or 300 Years: How Do You Choose & Use The Passage of Time?

Do We Have to Love Our Characters?

A piece of writing advice I often see tossed out there is that you must love your own characters, if you want your readers to love them. A parallel bit of advice is that a writer must be interested in the scene she writes in order to create interest in the reader. Every time I see this sort of thing,…

Keeping It Real – How to Write Vivid Characters

I’m over at Word Whores giving my tips for avoiding the dreaded pitfalls of Character Cloning.

How to Build a Better Villain

I’m writing from the Coastal Magic Convention, right on lovely Daytona Beach. I’ve been doing sunrise beach walks each morning with fab book blogger Jen from That’s What I’m Talking About. Wonderful way to start the conference day! I’m over at Word Whores today, talking about how the development of positive traits builds better villains.