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When You’re Reading to an Empty Room

Posted May 15 2016 in , , , ,

Announcing the freshly painted (though somewhat still bare of decoration) SFF Seven group blog! (Formerly Word Whores.) Come on over this week for tips and tricks on readings and signings, plus the answer to that burning question: what if nobody shows up? 


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Essential Writing Tools

Posted Feb 9 2016 in , , ,

Thanks to KAK for posting on Sunday, while I was off at Daytona Beach watching ripped young men from the Embry Riddle Air Force ROTC do crunches. Oh, and being on panels, etc., at the Coastal Magic Convention. Damn, I love my job! Thus, I’m over at Word Whores on a rare Tuesday talking about our […]


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Will Write for Food

Posted Feb 4 2016 in , , ,

I’m over at the Contemporary Romance Cafe, discussing a big surprise about going to writing full time. 


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Writing to the Market – Is It *Always* Anathema?

Posted Jan 31 2016 in , , ,

This is like one of those “Can you spot the X?” photos. Can you spot the quail in this pic? While the others in the covey are scratching around and eating, one will get in a high spot and be the lookout for predators. At first I thought I hadn’t gotten a good photo – […]



Five Ways to Combat Bad Writer Habits

Posted Jan 24 2016 in , , ,

This week I put out on Amazon a short read. It’s a true story I wrote some time ago, that was originally published in a literary magazine, about one of the most unsettling experiences of my life. A brush with the unseen that I don’t care to repeat! At Word Whores this week, our topic […]