Social Media Gaffes

I’m over at Word Whores today, talking about my formative influences in celebration of Mother’s Day. And also about the worst thing anyone has done to me on social media.

Can Books Be Like Music?

This time of year in Santa Fe, we can get gorgeously warm days. On Tuesday we ate lunch on the patio in shirtsleeves and the kitties stalked the restless gophers. Good times were had by all. Of course, today it’s cold, stormy and overcast, but I’m ensconced in my cozy chair with a teapot on the warmer and life is…

Jeffe’s Picks for Five to Follow on Twitter

I’m over at Word Whores, ranting a bit about the concept of “must follows” – but also giving my picks for who to follow on Twitter.

Finding the Formula Machine

I had a Twitter conversation yesterday that went like this. Because these gals crack me up, I’m sharing a bunch of it. It, of course, started because I was being a smart ass. Though you can see that Maisey Yates was snarky first. @maiseyyates oh no? sad for you. ~hides formula~ @MeganMulry — Jeffe Kennedy (@jeffekennedy) October 16, 2014 @maiseyyates…

Italics – Love ‘Em or Hate ‘Em?

I love this photo of my granddaughter – with that fiercely determined expression on her face. And a fabulous dress! I’ve got a couple of guest posts up today. I’m at Vamp Chix talking about making an unlikable heroine likable. I’m also over at Geeks in High School (weren’t we all??), talking about my issues with being a compulsive lender…