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Should Authors Comment on Politics?

Posted Feb 19 2017 in , , , , ,

This photo didn’t come out in focus – too dark – but I’m sharing it anyway because the moment of this full supermoon rising through clouds in Santa Fe during a penumbral eclipse was absolutely incredible to see. My wonderful friend, Anne Calhoun, was visiting. We climbed up onto the roof and watched the sun […]


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Rage, Impotence and Why Transparency Is Still Better

Posted Dec 2 2016 in , ,

When I was in grad school, I drove this old Honda Accord that my folks passed on to me. It was a great car and I loved it. Got me everywhere, always started, great zippiness and gas mileage. At one point, I needed to replace the windshield and also some wheel bearings. I can’t recall […]



Social Media Sin #1

Posted Mar 6 2016 in , , ,

Megan Hart and I at the Day of the Dead mixer at the Coastal Magic Convention. Those skeleton hands temporary tattoos were super cool – and hell to get off again. Oops. But I’m over at Word Whores today to talk about virtual communities and circles of social media hell. Which do I pick as […]


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Why I’m Tired of the Bitching about Smart Phones

Posted Nov 10 2015 in , ,

I got this photo the other day, as the winter storm approached in the early morning. So dramatic. Taking photographs is fun for me, and I think I’m getting better at it. Most of the time, however, I don’t work at it very diligently. These days it’s mostly an “Oh look at that – I […]



Support the Ripped Bodice!

Posted Oct 27 2015 in , , ,

First of all, I’d like to thank everyone for the outpouring of love, cheering, congratulations and general pom-pon waving in response to last Friday’s post on me leaving the day job. You all overwhelmed me, sending me messages of support across all social media – and it’s so very appreciated. If I missed replying to […]