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How Not to Promote Your Book

Posted Apr 4 2017 in , , , ,

We’re having a lovely April snowstorm today, which means the quail are here in force, and looking for food. They kick up the snow and gravel with their claws, to get at the dropped seed below the feeder. I took this photo from my office window. They scratch for seed while I scratch for words. […]



Should Authors Comment on Politics?

Posted Feb 19 2017 in , , , , ,

This photo didn’t come out in focus – too dark – but I’m sharing it anyway because the moment of this full supermoon rising through clouds in Santa Fe during a penumbral eclipse was absolutely incredible to see. My wonderful friend, Anne Calhoun, was visiting. We climbed up onto the roof and watched the sun […]


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Rage, Impotence and Why Transparency Is Still Better

Posted Dec 2 2016 in , ,

When I was in grad school, I drove this old Honda Accord that my folks passed on to me. It was a great car and I loved it. Got me everywhere, always started, great zippiness and gas mileage. At one point, I needed to replace the windshield and also some wheel bearings. I can’t recall […]



Social Media Sin #1

Posted Mar 6 2016 in , , ,

Megan Hart and I at the Day of the Dead mixer at the Coastal Magic Convention. Those skeleton hands temporary tattoos were super cool – and hell to get off again. Oops. But I’m over at Word Whores today to talk about virtual communities and circles of social media hell. Which do I pick as […]


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Why I’m Tired of the Bitching about Smart Phones

Posted Nov 10 2015 in , ,

I got this photo the other day, as the winter storm approached in the early morning. So dramatic. Taking photographs is fun for me, and I think I’m getting better at it. Most of the time, however, I don’t work at it very diligently. These days it’s mostly an “Oh look at that – I […]