In Which I Catch You Up on ALL THE NEWS

Another photo from the RT Convention. This is me (in the yellow hat, if you don’t know) going out for barbeque with the eKensington group. I’m standing next to Alexandra Nicolajsen, who is the Digital Content/Marketing Manager for Kensington. The rest are other authors, except for the lady kneeling by the pig’s snout. That’s Alicia Condon, Editorial Director of Kensington’s…

Everything I Know About Task Lists I Learned in College

Angela James, now Editorial Director at Carina Press, took this pic of me at the RT Book Fair. Love how skinny she made me look! So, now I’m home and getting back in the groove. I spent most of yesterday on day job conference calls and with my spreadsheets – organizing the next month of my life. That’s how it…

Conversation Snippets from #RT13

I’m flying home from RT, where I got to meet the fab Linda Grimes in the flesh, and posting some conversation snippets from the convention over at Word Whores.

Snippet Saturday: Her Man (Heroine’s First Glimpse of Hero)

I was all giddy to see the cover for Platinum on the Carina Press banner at the RT Convention. I go home tomorrow, fortunately – running out of steam! Today the lovely Jody Wallace is hosting me on her blog with a snippet from Ruby, coming out May 13. Stop by for a sneak peek!

Growing Up and Letting Go of Nostalgia

This is me back on campus at ol’Wash U. Thanks to Felicia Conway Korengal for the pic! So, I mentioned on Tuesday that I was still processing my 25th College Reunion. People keep asking me if I had fun and if I’m glad I went and my usual answers have been “kind of” and “yes.” I think it’s good that…