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“If You’re Bored, Your Readers Will Be Too”

Posted Apr 18 2018 in , , , , , ,

Isabel as gatekeeper. You shall not pass. I hear the titular advice a lot: “If you’re bored, your readers will be too.” It’s that kind of advice you see on inspirational posters. It’s simple enough to fit in a small space. It sounds good at the outset. And, like, many of those, it’s not very helpful. […]


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What Blender Setting Do You Go For?

Posted Jul 17 2017 in , , , , , , , , ,

We’ve been on a long road trip this last week, seeing all kinds of family. And leaving the cats behind, like the monsters we are. Here is Jackson showing off his best Pitiful Abandoned Kitty face. Thus, I’m late posting today. But so it goes! I’ve shared this news elsewhere, but I’m happy to share […]


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On Further Serendipitous Hijinks

Posted Mar 23 2016 in , , , ,

We had fierce dust storms in New Mexico yesterday, which at least makes for amazing sky colors. Here’s the nearly full moon setting at sunrise – still one of my favorite sights.  So, yesterday I had an interesting moment. Kind of a continuation of this run of serendipity despite sad events. It’s really been a strange […]



This Is Voice

Posted Oct 6 2015 in , , , , , , , , ,

Santa Fe had a mass ascension of our own this morning, as the fog lifted out of the valley. Just gorgeous. I had a very interesting experience recently regarding voice that I thought you all might be interested in. Writers talk a lot about voice. There’s all kinds of debates and classes about it, thoughts […]



Do We Have to Love Our Characters?

Posted Mar 31 2015 in , , , ,

A piece of writing advice I often see tossed out there is that you must love your own characters, if you want your readers to love them. A parallel bit of advice is that a writer must be interested in the scene she writes in order to create interest in the reader. Every time I […]