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When Writing Is Work: Finding the Fun Again

Posted Mar 19 2017 in , , , , , , ,

Yesterday I got to take my stand-up paddle board out for a jaunt on Lake Sumner in New Mexico. It was a gorgeous day – warm and still, the water cool but not freezing. To my delighted surprise, I hadn’t lost my skill with it since last fall. Rather, I’d improved! My balance and strength […]


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Joyful Narcissus

Posted Apr 3 2010 in , ,

I love how Ho Tai looks like he’s celebrating the daffodils here. Of course, the lovely thing about Ho Tai is he looks like he’s always celebrating everything. I suppose it says something that we have him in our garden. It tells you what I worship most. What I strive for. Is it silly to […]



Joy and Other Indoor Sports

Posted Nov 12 2009 in , , ,

I love this image. One day I’d like to journey to the remote part of China where this cliff-carving is, just to see it for real. What I love is how the sculptor(s) capture the sense of movement and joy. The Bodhisattvas, though captured in stone, are dancing. To me, that’s what life and enlightenment […]