Embracing the Tropes – Love, Not Hate

Spring definitely begins in March here in Santa Fe. I spent a few hours sitting outside reading with my coffee in the sunshine this morning. Lovely! This week at Word Whores, we’re discussing our favorite genre tropes. Since we get to pick the genre and I write in three at the moment, I’m talking about one from each. Also, since…

The Real Deal Isn’t

I’m over at Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers today, talking about literary snobbery and inherent sexism. Alas.

Enter the Sandman – Working Paranormal Elements into Other Genres

Today at the Fantasy, Futuristic and Paranormal blog, I’m talking about my upcoming release, UNDER HIS TOUCH, and why I incorporated elements of the Dream King from Neil Gaiman’s Sandman.

What Do You Mean Paranormal Romance Is Dead???

I haven’t done many sunset pictures lately. Wouldn’t want you all to pine away for lack of them! And you can focus on the pretty clouds and take deep, calming breaths while I explain why everyone is saying Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy are dead genres. I’ve participated in this very conversation several times over the last few weeks –…

Crossing Genres for Fun and Profit

Spotted on the New & Recommended table in New Hampshire! Many thanks to @TamsenParker for snapping the pic! I’m over at Word Whores today, talking about mixing and matching genres.