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Jeffe’s Five Tricks for Juggling Multiple Projects and Deadlines

Posted Sep 1 2013 in , , , ,

This time of year, all of my flowering vines blossom, like an end of summer special treat. They’ll be the first to go when we get a frost, so they are all the more fleeting for that. Transient and precious. Speaking of which, Dear Author is giving away three copies of Ruby.As of this writing, […]


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Does Writing Faster Mean Cutting Out the Art?

Posted Jun 11 2013 in , , , , , , ,

During my travels last week, I stayed with a friend of many years, Kristine Krantz (aka KAK). She blogs on the Word Whores with me and also writes fantasy. We met via the RWA online chapter FF&P, sometime back in the vicinity of 2009. We became critique partners and friends. At that time, we were […]



Everything I Know About Task Lists I Learned in College

Posted May 7 2013 in , , , , , , ,

Angela James, now Editorial Director at Carina Press, took this pic of me at the RT Book Fair. Love how skinny she made me look! So, now I’m home and getting back in the groove. I spent most of yesterday on day job conference calls and with my spreadsheets – organizing the next month of […]



How to Balance Chores and Deadlines

Posted Apr 14 2013 in , ,

I’m over at Word Whores today, talking about how we divide labor in my house when deadlines loom.


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How I Learned to Stop Procrastinating and Cheerfully Meet Deadlines with Room to Spare

Posted Nov 27 2012 in , , , , , ,

We brought home this fresh boxwood wreath to hang on the front door and Jackson immediately inserted himself in it. For those keeping score at home, he’s just shy of eight months old now. He’s going to be a Big Kitty. I’m looking forward to the holiday season this year. I have ideas for decorating […]