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That Was Awkward

Posted Nov 8 2017 in , , , , , , ,

As I mentioned earlier this week, we were up in northern Wyoming with David’s family, laying his mother to rest. Despite the circumstances, wintery weather in Wyoming, and the extensive miles put in over a short time – about 1,600 miles in four days – it was a good trip. We stopped in Denver on […]


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Russian Trolls Under Every Bridge

Posted Nov 3 2017 in , , , , , ,

One thing I’ve noticed recently, in sifting through the spam comments on my blog, is how many come from Russians now. And on one post, in particular. See, I stopped looking at the spam comments after a while. This kind of went along with my overall dip in blogging that I mentioned yesterday. The comments […]


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Finding Balance and Accommodating Change

Posted Nov 2 2017 in , , , , , , , , , , ,

Today is the last day to grab the SFWA Fantasy Story Bundle! It goes away at midnight US Eastern time tonight, November 2, 2017, never to be assembled in this grouping at this great price again. The response to this has been fantastic – earning money for the authors and for SFWA grants, so thank […]



Life, Death, and Long-Term Planning

Posted Mar 20 2016 in , , , , , ,

I’m over at Word-Whores, talking about when to ditch long-term plans and telling the story of how this happened. 


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Please Speak Ill of the Dead

Posted Jun 5 2015 in , , , ,

The other day, David (aka “The Man”) said to me that he thought he wasn’t as good of a man as his father had been. His father died nearly two years ago now, and there were thoughts from the family on Memorial Day (he was a Marine in the South Pacific in WWII) and photos […]