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Picking the Good Ideas for a Novel – How Do You Know?

Posted May 7 2017 in , , , ,

I just got back from the RT Booklovers Convention in Atlanta. Here’s Sonali Dev and Grace Draven, after accepting their awards for best Contemporary Romance and Best Fantasy Romance, respectively. Two of my favorite people, among so many wonderful people at that convention. I had a wonderful time! “Where do you get your ideas?” This […]


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When Writing Is Work: Finding the Fun Again

Posted Mar 19 2017 in , , , , , , ,

Yesterday I got to take my stand-up paddle board out for a jaunt on Lake Sumner in New Mexico. It was a gorgeous day – warm and still, the water cool but not freezing. To my delighted surprise, I hadn’t lost my skill with it since last fall. Rather, I’d improved! My balance and strength […]


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Investing in the Writing Business

Posted Dec 19 2011 in ,

The house is officially all decorated now. Lovely to see it all fixed up. I remember one of my very first jobs, I was required to wear a uniform. Just white blouses and blue navy skirts or slacks. Not a huge deal, but these were clothes I didn’t have, so I had to go out […]



Good Business – Please Don’t Be Difficult

Posted Jun 22 2011 in , , , ,

The longest day of the year comes to a close. The sun is now at its most northern point, shining into the Secret Garden. The pendulum hits the end of its arc, hesitates, and swings back. So, I’ve been talking to people about redoing my website. Yeah, it’s old. I’ve bastardized it over the years. […]