Fan Fiction – Inspiration or Theft?

I’m over at Word Whores today, talking about fandom and the phenomenon of fan fiction.

Ripping Off the Masters

I’m over at my new group blog today, the Here Be Magic blog, talking about how I’m totally ripping off Anne McCaffrey’s work.

Good-bye Anne McCaffrey

Then, as the simple words of interment were spoken, as the atmosphere planes dipped in tribute over the open grave, Helva found voice for her lonely farewell. Softly, barely audible at first, the strains of the ancient song of evening and requiem swelled to the final poignant measure until the black space itself echoed back the sound of the song…

Sneaking in the Back Door

When I was a kid, I lived and breathed books. I suspect a lot of us were like that, among my faithful blog-gobblers. I consumed books by shelves and by authors, by topic and genre. Over time, I came to feel like certain authors were my friends. I spent a lot of time in their heads, in their worlds. It’s…