Jeffe Kennedy
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The Shift of the Tide

What They're Saying...

“A huge part of the appeal of this series is that the stories are all heroines’ journeys and not heroes’ journeys, and not even heroes’ journeys with a gender swap. Nor are they remotely variations on the same heroine’s journey. Instead they showcase many different ways for women to be strong and to be heroines.”

~Reading Reality

“I recommend The Shift of the Tide to fans of cool fantasy romance, stalwart heroes and the strong heroines driving them pretty much nuts, truly romantic stories full of feels and genuinely entertaining tales.”

~Butterfly-o-meter books

“We loved the journey of Zynda and the heart wrenchingly romantic tale between her and Marskal.  We continue to enjoy this world and eagerly look forward to the next story in it.”

~That’s What I’m Talking About

“I have not read any other in the series so I was a little lost at first. Once you get into the story though, you are easily immersed and you find that you don’t even need to read the other books in the series to enjoy this story. This book pulled me from the reading rut I was in and reminded me why reading is so great!”

~Ctrl, Alt, Books!