Jeffe Kennedy
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The Pages of the Mind

What They're Saying...

“Dafne and Nakoa’s story is captivating, passionate and magical, perhaps the best so far. Readers will clamor to learn more about The Uncharted Realms.”

~RT top Pick

“THE PAGES OF THE MIND by Jeffe Kennedy is a magical journey full of romance and politics.”

~Fresh Fiction

“This story is magical. I loved the attention to the world building as well as the characters development.”

~La Crimson Femme

“Fabulous characters that burrowed into my heart. (…) I zoomed through the novel, but hated finishing the book! A splendid, breath-stealing read.”

~Vicky on Goodreads

“Continuing in the tradition of the other books in the series, this book has everything you expect from Jeffe Kennedy: rich world building, political intrigue, exact pacing and an exquisite love story wrapped in a delectably readable package.”

~Writing While Distracted

“(…) I will tell you that you will immensely enjoy reading this novel. Please start it in the morning on a day that you have nothing else to do otherwise you will neglect your life, possibly even including your children in lieu of putting this book down. You have been warned.”

~The Genre Minx Book Reviews

“Let me start by saying, this is the first book in this series I read and jumping in at book 4, I still loved it and want to go back and read the rest of this series.”

~Tome Tender

“I really can’t recommend this book enough, it will be right up there with some of my top books of 2016 without a doubt. “

~Eastern Sunset Reads

“Everything you want in a romance, you’ll get right here! It’s exceptionally written with beautiful character and relationship development, super hot yet tender love scenes, and many laughs too!”

~Kira’s NetGalley Book Blog

“Jeffe Kennedy has truly outdone herself with this story.  From the beautiful cover to the very last word, I was captivated by this fantastical tale. I predict it will be one of my favorite books of the year.”

~Bambi Unbridled

“If you enjoy fantasy romance with strong clever female leads and witty banter, you need to pick up this series.”

~That’s What I’m Talking About

It’s a rich, enticing world Ms Kennedy has created and I can’t wait to be engrossed by more of her stories.”

~Just Talking Books


“I’m a big fan of Jeffe Kennedy’s writing, because she writes romance heroines who don’t annoy me. They’re strong characters who have a great deal of agency, and have lives/problems/depth outside of their love lives.” 

~Book without Any Pictures