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Crafting the Cover

Posted Aug 21 2016 in , , , ,

Oria'sGambitFinal_TypeA timely topic for me this week as we just released book two in my Sorcerous Moons series, ORIA’S GAMBIT, which was a bit later going up than originally planned because we were tweaking the cover.

Okay – because I asked for a huge change after I saw the final cover. Here’s the story.

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Cover Reveal for ORIA’S GAMBIT!!!

Posted Aug 17 2016 in , , ,

OriasGambit_Final crop

Finally, it’s here!

Book Two of my Sorcerous Moons series is ready to go! ORIA’S GAMBIT will be hitting the virtual shelves this week. 

Visit the Here Be Magic blog to see the full thing in all its amazing glory!

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First: Own Your Process

Posted Aug 15 2016 in , ,

2016-08-11 06.20.19I’ve been seeing some scuttlebutt scuttling ’bout the interwebz (which of course – besides porn – is what it’s for) about how access to advice from successful authors leads to a toxic environment. By this the posters mean that finding out when X gets up or how many words Y writes each day can lead to another writer feeling despondent at their failures to meet some sort of similar standard. The (semi)inevitable conclusion seems to be “don’t listen to them, you do you.”

Which isn’t bad advice at all. At least the second part, isn’t. The first part though… Well, I’m not going to say anyone has to learn from more established authors. I did. Lots do. No, you don’t *have* to. I tend to think, however, that doubt and self-recriminations come from within and have nothing to do with what other people are doing.

All of that said, I want to go on record about my position on this. Because I often teach about my process or give advice on how I do things.

My first advice is always, always, always: Own Your Own Process.

Which is a variant of “you do you,” to be sure. 

Now, I tend to believe that discovering our own process comes from a combination of doing the thing a whole bunch AND trying out what’s worked for other people. (And if hearing what’s worked for other people sends you into paroxysms of self-doubt and despair, then yeah, maybe don’t do that.) 

Still and all, while I’m happy to teach and share, that really is key. Find out what YOUR process is and own it. That puts all the rest into perspective. I promise. 

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The Character I’d Love to Write? Phèdre!

Posted Aug 14 2016 in , , , ,


Our topic this week among the Seven of us SFF types is The Established Character We’d Love to Write. I’m picking Phédre nó Delaunay of Jacqueline Carey’s absolutely brilliant Kushiel series. Come on over to find out why

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Is Networking a Meaningless Term?

Posted Aug 7 2016 in , , , ,

Fi8s-n7v (1)Every time I hear the term “networking” I get a particular image in my mind. Not a good one.

Thus, the short and surface answer to this week’s topic at the SFF Seven, “The Net Worth of Networking,” is that it’s a big fat zero to me. No – less than that! Negative values there.

But come on by to find out how wrong that image was


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