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Oria’s Gambit

A Play For Power

Princess Oria has one chance to keep her word and stop her brother’s reign of terror: She must become queen. All she has to do is marry first. And marry Lonen, the barbarian king who defeated her city bare weeks ago, who can never join her in a marriage of minds, who can never even touch her—no matter how badly she wants him to.

A Fragile Bond

To rule is to suffer, but Lonen never thought his marriage would become a torment. Still, he’s a resourceful man. He can play the brute conqueror for Oria’s faceless officials and bide his time with his wife. And as he coaxes secrets from Oria, he may yet change their fate…

An Impossible Demand

With deception layering on deception, Lonen and Oria must claim the throne and brazen out the doubters. Failure means death— for them and their people.

But success might mean an alliance powerful beyond imagining…


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Available August 19, 2016


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Crafting the Cover

Posted Aug 21 2016 in , , , ,

A timely topic for me this week as we just released book two in my Sorcerous Moons series, ORIA’S GAMBIT, which was a bit later going up than originally planned because we were tweaking the cover. Okay – because I asked for a huge change after I saw the final cover. Here’s the story.


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